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September 21, 2022

Updates to pricing structures, stock statuses, and product filtering

This week, we have introduced updates to how one-off pricing structures work, how current and expected stock is displayed, and added product filtering options that allow you to easily replace a pricing structure or ruleset for multiple products at once.

When you create a new one-off pricing structure and add a new price tile, the new tile will be automatically named according to the way you named the first one. Meanwhile, when adding pricing for each extra hour, day, week, or month, you will no longer be shown all four options and will have to make a choice from the drop-down menu.


Stock statuses have been updated to make it easier to differentiate between different stock types. Your regular stock will be labeled as Regular and temporary stock will be labeled as Temporary so you can quickly identify which stock you have available.


In the Products overview screen, you can now filter products by Template structure and Price ruleset to make it easier to identify and modify products with shared pricing attributes. You can also change these attributes with a bulk action by selecting the appropriate products, clicking Actions and going to Edit Products, and selecting Pricing method.


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