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May 24, 2023

The Online Store Dashboard; The New Home for Your Rental Store

The new home for creating your perfect online store has arrived. Booqable is proud to announce the launch of the Online Store Dashboard, a new hub within your online store settings that will make taking your rental business online even more accessible.

The dashboard will include all the essential steps for creating a brand new online store with Booqable’s Rental Website Builder or seamlessly integrating Booqable’s online reservation system into an existing website of your own.

For those building a new online store with Booqable, the dashboard will provide access to our foolproof online store checklist that ensures you complete each step required before taking your store live, from creating beautiful online store pages to connecting to your custom domain.

This will also be the home to the theme customiser, a powerful but simple-to-use tool for styling the layout and design of your store pages.


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