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May 23, 2023

SEO and More! Simplifying the Optimization of your Online Store

Your rental business deserves nothing less than the best online exposure possible.

Booqable is proud to have launched a new update to help you achieve this with all-new search engine optimization (SEO) and product design settings.

Intuitive SEO settings for each page of your online store.

As well as having access to adjusting the global SEO settings for your store overall, you can now adjust the SEO of your online stores’ pages. This will help your online store to rank as high as possible in the results pages of search engines such as Google.

This works by adjusting and previewing the page titles and meta descriptions of each page you create for your online store, including the pages for each of your products and bundles and the pages for your product collections.

Previewing how your products are displayed on your online store.

Instead of waiting until your online store creation or installation is complete, you can now preview if a product card, add to cart button, or detail view best suits the placement of this product on your store pages.


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