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March 27, 2024

Mobile scanning improvements and other handy updates

In the fast-paced environment of a rental store, a highly accurate (mobile) barcode scanner is a crucial time-saving tool, especially when scanning multiple products at once.

The latest updates for the Booqable mobile app include interface improvements and better scanning visualization by introducing a “scan barcode” button. This improves the mobile scanning experience, primarily when scanning equipment in batches.

Additionally, the iOS app now includes expanded date range filters for orders, while the Android app allows you to search for customers by phone number.

Smaller updates and fixes

  • Editing your Booqable website and updating changes just got smoother.
  • The phone number in the top-bar of Booqable websites now supports WhatsApp click to chat.
  • More support when loading Booqable websites on (very) old browsers.


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