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March 3, 2021

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integration

Start tracking events in your online store to measure performance and collect audience data.


We’ve just made it easier to track events and conversions with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel!

By adding your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel IDs in Booqable, you can start tracking events in your online store to measure performance, collect user data, plus a lot more!

Let’s see what you can do:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is super helpful for tracking and analyzing website data, such as page views, audience demographics, user behavior, and completed conversion goals.


By adding your Google Analytics ID in Booqable, you can start tracking your traffic sources, product pages, checkout steps, and e-commerce events, so you can optimize your store to maximize performance.

The integration sends Booqable events to your Google Analytics account, including when visitors:

  • View a product
  • Add a product to the shopping cart
  • Initiate the checkout process
  • Progress through the checkout process
  • Complete an order

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel tracks activity in your store, helping you understand customer actions, create custom audiences, and run remarketing ads on Facebook and Instagram.


After you add your Facebook Pixel to Booqable, you automatically start tracking events, like when visitors:

  • View a page
  • Add a product to the shopping cart
  • Start the checkout process
  • Enter payment information in the checkout
  • Complete an order
  • In Facebook, you can then create advertising campaigns to retarget people who visited your website, abandoned their shopping cart, or viewed a specific product, for example.

Note: Both integrations are available in our Essential, Pro, and Premium plans.

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