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August 21, 2023

New: Signing contracts in the Booqable Mobile App

The Booqable team is proud to announce that signing contracts in the Booqable mobile app is now available in beta for iOS and Android devices.

Generating rental contracts are at the core of running a successful rental business, but capturing customer signatures can sometimes be a task in itself!

You can now forget the hassle of having to print out contracts, rely on loading Booqable on desktop, or having to integrate with another application to have contracts signed by customers.

This new feature update cuts this process down to seconds, as you can let customers digitally view and sign contracts off of a smartphone or tablet.

All that is required is to open the Booqable mobile app, click the pencil icon in the bottom left of the order screen to generate a new contract, and hand over the device to the customer to deliver their signature.

This release also includes an update on styling the Booqable mobile app’s order details, including new action buttons for emails, phone numbers, and addresses.

Enjoy that extra bit of security when handing over your rental items, and start capturing customer signatures on contracts straight from the Booqable mobile app today.


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