6 Reasons People Prefer to Book Rentals Online

When you think about it, it makes sense that people prefer to book their rentals online. After all, a lot of our lives take place online, whether it’s communicating with friends on...

When you think about it, it makes sense that people prefer to book their rentals online. After all, a lot of our lives take place online, whether it’s communicating with friends on social media or working from home. This extends to where people buy and rent products, which take place primarily online these days.

Of course, human interaction is still a considerable part of the rental industry, but when it comes to making bookings, people prefer to do it online. The pandemic has undoubtedly played a role in this as many people’s habits have had to adapt. However, there are several reasons why people prefer to book online that have played a role in the growth of online rentals.

1. Most research happens online

Quick question, what’s the first thing you do when you’re planning for something? You do some research on Google, right? Well, you’re not alone; most bookings take place online. People spend much time online reading about the things they want to do, so it only makes sense that they make bookings online too.

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2. It’s convenient to book at any time

If you had the choice between going somewhere in-person or making a call to book something and booking online, you’d choose online. This is true of most people because we all love how convenient it is. In the past, people were restricted to booking during business hours, but now they can do it whenever and wherever they want.

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3. Inspirations can be followed

Following the last point, people are spontaneous and love to follow their inspiration. When you can book online, this is instantly possible. Whereas if you have to wait to call or go to a store, you’re likely to lose motivation and not follow through with your great idea. This instant accessibility is essential in the modern world.

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4. Last-minute decisions can be accommodated

It may be surprising, but most people aren’t as organized as they may appear, and booking generally happens within 48 hours of their pickup time. This is either because people need something asap or they’re already on vacation and decide to book products while there instead of booking ahead. If your business is easy to find, you’re more likely to get those bookings.

✏️ Note: You can set up your Booqable account to limit last-minute reservations and same-day bookings.

5. Information is easy to access

Among the many factors that affect people’s decision to make a booking, online reviews are close to the top. They look for reviews that confirm they are making the right choice by booking with your rental business. If this information is easy to access, they will likely proceed with the booking more quickly because they can make an informed decision.

✏️ Note: It’s important to share social proof to build trust and reassure customers they are making the right decision.

6. It’s easy to compare options

When looking to make a booking, it is much easier to balance and compare options online. It allows for people to find the best option for themselves, whether that comes down to cost, products, or extra services. This is much easier to do online than in-person or over the phone because people can quickly jump between the different options.

✏️ Note: Product descriptions allow you to give customers the most information possible so they can make an informed choice.

Final Thoughts

Being accessible online is important as a rental business because that’s where people spend most of their time. People want instant access to information, reviews, and the ability to book online whenever they want. So, it’s time to improve your online presence and make your business more accessible to your target audience.

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