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Creating an Intuitive Navigation Structure for Your Rental Website

Author: Nathan Crossley January 25, 2024 · 4 Min read
Creating an Intuitive Navigation Structure for Your Rental Website

An effective website navigation system serves as a friendly guide for visitors, assisting them in seamlessly exploring your rental platform. It is pivotal in boosting user experience, search engine optimization, and conversion rates. It’s worth spending time getting right because it significantly influences the success of your rental website, both in terms of getting traffic and converting customers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore best practices for structuring rental website navigation, focusing on making menus easy to understand, improving SEO through navigation, and increasing conversions with strategic menus (CRO). We’ll also provide actionable tips on setting up navigation using Booqable’s website builder.

Craft navigation that makes sense to users


For a rental website, user-friendliness is critical, ensuring visitors can effortlessly navigate and find the information they seek. You should ask yourself if your website visitors can understand your navigation. Here are three techniques that you can use to judge and improve your rental website’s navigation:

  • Clear Labels: Use clear, concise, and descriptive labels for your menu items. Names like “Equipment Rentals,” “Pricing,” “FAQ,” and “Contact Us” should leave no room for confusion.

  • Logical Hierarchy: Organize your rental listings in a logical hierarchy, with broad categories or types of equipment as the main menu items. Specific rental items or packages can be further categorized within submenus. This hierarchical approach helps users quickly locate what they need.

  • Consistency: Maintaining a consistent navigation structure across your website is crucial. Users should easily transition between different sections without feeling disoriented. Keep the placement of critical elements such as the main menu, contact information, and essential call-to-action buttons uniform throughout your site.

Infusing your navigation with scannable headers, logical organization, and consistency makes exploration effortless for visitors. To boost engagement further, consider adding visual cues like icons or colors to menu items. For example, a tent icon could represent “Outdoor Gear Rentals.”

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Leverage navigation to boost your SEO

Website navigation and SEO are intricately linked, particularly for rental businesses. Excellent navigation not only helps customers to understand your website better but also helps search engines. When a website is easy to navigate, it is easy to crawl, opening up to ranking opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Here are some of the benefits navigation can bring to SEO:

  • Crawlability: Search engine bots rely on your navigation to index your rental listings effectively. A well-structured menu ensures that all your offerings are easily discoverable, increasing your chances of ranking well in search results.

  • Internal linking: Navigation menus provide an excellent opportunity for internal linking. Strategically link to rental categories or featured items from your menu to enhance their SEO performance.

  • Enhancing user experience: Google considers user experience a crucial ranking factor. A user-friendly navigation system that keeps visitors engaged and reduces bounce rates can positively impact your search engine rankings.

Guide users to book with strategic navigation

Effective website navigation can also significantly impact your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) efforts. You need to think about what your website visitors are looking for and provide them with the easiest path toward that goal. This will help you improve your website’s conversion rate, leading to increased bookings and revenue. Here are some suggestions for how to optimize the conversion rate:

  • Prominent booking buttons: Make sure that buttons for actions like “Book Now” or “Reserve” are easily accessible within your menu. These buttons should effectively guide users toward making rental reservations, minimizing friction in the booking process.

  • Featured rentals: Use your navigation menu to highlight popular or special offers, thus increasing their visibility and encouraging users to make bookings.

  • Simplify the booking process: Streamline the booking process by providing a clear and intuitive path from the menu to the reservation or checkout page. The easier it is for users to navigate and complete the booking, the higher your conversion rates will be.

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Setting up menus in Booqable’s website builder


Booqable simplifies creating an effective navigation menu for your rental website. You can add menu items and link them to categories, products, and pages. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started with improving your rental website’s menu :

1. Add or customize a menu: Locate the “Menu” section within the website builder settings. Here, you can add and edit menus and organize your menu items.

2. Add rental categories: Create menu items for your rental categories, such as “Outdoor Equipment,” “Party Rentals,” or “Tool Rentals.” Make sure they are linked to broader collections in your inventory.

3. List specific rentals: Under each category, list specific rental items, packages, or product types and organize them neatly within submenus. This logical grouping ensures that users can quickly find what they seek.

4. Add to your website: Once you’re happy with your menu, you can head to the website builder and add the menu to the header section. If you’re satisfied with your menu, hit publish. Otherwise, you can go back and edit it until you are happy.

Great website navigation

Effective website navigation is essential for rental websites, providing a foundation for seamless user experiences, improved SEO, and increased conversion rates. By following these best practices and leveraging tools like Booqable, you can create a navigation system that guides visitors effortlessly through your rental website. This will ultimately lead to success for your website and rental business by providing a hassle-free experience for your customers.

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