Rental management

A simple and powerful way to manage rentals, without the spreadsheets.

Example of the Order screen

Full flexibility. Full control.

Whether you accept reservations online, in-store or via phone; Booqable will revolutionize your workflow.

Keep track of your orders, know what's available. Get a clear overview of where your products are, were and will be.

Rental Mangement overview

Product pricing that works for you

From a simple flat fee to complex pricing structures, Booqable automatically calculates the correct price for you.

Charge special prices for specific conditions? No worries, you can override any price on any order.

Flexible pricing methods

Professional looking documents

Impress with professional looking documents, in any language or currency.

Save time and send contracts, quotes and invoices for your orders in a with a few clicks.

Create beautifull looking documents

Swift customer communication

Speed up your workflow with unlimited email templates.
Fill in order details automatically with variables.

All emails come directly from you, and don't have any Booqable branding on them.

Messaging with Booqable