Rental management

Manage rentals,
without the spreadsheets

An example of the product screen in the Booqable application
A cutout of some inventory items from a Booqable management suite

Better inventory management

Whether you're just getting started or already an established rental business, it's time for a better way to manage your inventory.

A simple and powerful interface with support for variations, serialized products, multiple pricing methods, and much more.

Streamline your workflow

During your day, there’s a range of things that need to be done. Booqable gives you a quick way to create orders while speeding up pick-ups and returns, making work more efficient and productive.

Customer selection dropdown

1. Select a customer on the list or create a new one

Order timeframe selection calendar

2. Select the pickup and return dates

Product selection dropdown

3. Only thing left is to select a product and your first order is finished!

Powering over 1,500 rental companies

John Denning
Aspire Cycling

Before using Booqable, we kept reservations in a spreadsheet and updated our calendar to keep track of deadlines. This process was unreliable and destined to fail us at some point.

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Frederico Lang
Caramba Films

It’s much more than just software - it’s changed the way we work. We rely on Booqable every single day; I don’t think we can do without it.

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Charmagne Javier
The White Boutique

If we couldn’t use Booqable anymore, things would definitely be chaotic. Our warehouse operations heavily depend on it.

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Booqable's 5 star Capterra rating

Booqable's rating on Capterra

See where
everything stands

Visualize your product availability and nail your planning. Keep track of your most valuable assets and instantly check their history. Be in control. Leave no room for mistakes.

Booqable's calendar showing an overview of orders
Foreground: List of customers and their payment status, Background: Payment request form

Take care of business

Accept and keep track of all payments, whether they're made online or in store. Charge before, during, or after a rental period, and send out branded payment requests to make things more convenient.

Create beautiful documents

Generate professional documents and send them to your customers with the click of a button. Every template is customizable, allowing you to apply your own style to invoices, contracts, quotes, and emails.

Various UI elements related to documents