Ultrapom: Managing wedding and event decor rentals with insight and simplicity

Ultrapom: Managing wedding and event decor rentals with insight and simplicity

For over seven years, Ultrapom has helped people in the Kansas City Metro area with their event rental needs. They believe clients should be able to organize specialty events without having to buy everything just for one night. Inventory ranges from tents and stages to gold flatware and sequin tablecloths. And whether it’s a small dinner party or a big wedding, it’s their passion to create a better, more affordable way of planning events.


Ultrapom depended heavily on spreadsheets to understand their rental process. As a result, they struggled to find the right information at the right time and spent too much effort storing and structuring data. The team occasionally had to work overtime to get things ready before the event date. “There was just too much information to save in one tab, so we needed a better way to track inventory going out and in.”

Booqable makes sure we don’t double or overbook inventory.


Booqable allows Ultrapom to quickly create new orders and reserve products with the confidence that their data’s accurate. After planning a rental, their warehouse team goes through each reservation to make sure all items are ready to go. Thanks to Booqable, Ultrapom can effectively flag orders for delivery and regularly view and update information without any guesswork.


Booqable has helped Ultrapom increase the efficiency of their planning process by 36% due to accurate, real-time inventory data. Their goal of creating beautiful events for their clients became simpler to achieve than ever. They now have a process in place that no longer requires them to say ‘no’ to customers because they couldn’t keep up with the number of bookings. As a result, they’ve been able to serve more customers, expand the team, and have the reassurance they can keep up with their business growth.

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