How Booqable helps Tabletpro organize its activities on the move

How Booqable helps Tabletpro organize its activities on the move

TECHNOLOGY CAN’T ONLY SHAPE THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS. IT CAN BE YOUR BUSINESS TOO. In the midst of a technological revolution, Tabletpro decided to hit the ground running, and turn a playful piece of tech into a professional necessity.

Before Booqable, we used spreadsheets to collate orders and monitor our inventory. As things got busier, we were desperate to find a system to bring everything together. Booqable does exactly that.

Prior to starting a rental business, the team was in charge of exhibitions and trade shows for a regional boating company. At the time, they saw the potential of iPads and used them to interact with their client base more efficiently. “After we noticed the impact it had, we decided to join the rental industry, and worked hard to make tablets available for B2B use,” explains Thomas Erwich.

A wall mounted tablet computer

“Initially we used spreadsheets to collate our inventory and orders, but as our customer base grew, those weren’t going to fit the bill much longer. We decided to go with Booqable because their system is user-friendly, straightforward, and has a clear, modern interface. It helps us to stay organized, track our most expensive products, and instantly check their availability.”

Man using a tabletpro tablet stand in a clothing shop

Besides renting out iPads, Tabletpro also collaborates with international businesses, supporting them in reaching a Dutch clientele during trade shows and events.

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