Creative Entertainment Solutions

Creative Entertainment Solutions

CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTIONS OPERATES FROM OSLO, Norway and specializes in sound, light, stage, and A/V services. Right from the city center, they strive to be the industry leader in quality equipment in the Scandinavia/Nordic region. CES uses Booqable to manage their inventory and work more efficiently.

Booqable doesn’t try to be the best at everything but focuses on the most important jobs to be done. It contains the right amount of features, without being complicated and confusing

“When we developed from a small to a mid-sized business, the need for a rental system became evident. If you want to take the lead in a competitive market, you can’t just do everything manually anymore,” explains Sindre, Founder of CES. “With Microsoft Excel and Google Calendar we got to the point where things were no longer manageable; losing track of stock, and canceling orders because our numbers didn’t add up. Booqable helped us move away from spreadsheets, making our business more professional.”

The team also likes the fact that Booqable is cloud-based rental software. “CES doesn’t have an IT Department, so it’s good to have an online platform which is hosted by others. No need to install anything, and no worries if your computer decides to throw in the towel.”

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