7 Amazing Examples of Product Rental Websites
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Jeffrey van der Veer
Marketer & Customer Success

7 Amazing Examples of Product Rental Websites

If you could design your ideal rental website, what would it look like? That’s a question we’ve been posing to our users for a long time.

It’s an important question. After all, your website is often the first place where potential customers interact with your rental business. The first point of contact, setting the stage for what hopefully leads to a successful transaction.

Nowadays, a good website is relatively easy to create. But after you’ve got that box checked, things come down to the experiences your visitors have. And that’s harder. However, it’s worth putting in the effort because it’s is often the element that makes or breaks a company.

What should I look for?

Back to that question we asked. Replies came from small production studios renting out equipment, larger audiovisual rentals, event-based companies, bike rentals, and universities—all bringing original ideas to the table.

Some prefer clean, minimalist websites, while others prefer something a little more colorful. But design elements are just the tip of the iceberg. Zooming in on the ways these companies accept bookings reveals increased complexity.

A bike rental business might need predefined 4-hour rental periods for online bookings, while camera rental companies offer customers more freedom of choice. Some require online payments, while others need time to review requests. You get the idea.

So instead of telling you ‘here’s what you should do,’ we favor sharing some top examples with you. We gathered some remarkable rental websites from companies that built a beautiful, refined booking experience for their customers.

We hope you can draw inspiration from them to create a rental store that’s right for you.

1. Equipment Cafe

Equipment Cafe

Kicking us off is Equipment Cafe, Vienna’s most popular camera rental, offering high-performance gear to production studios and freelancers.

2. The Vintage Suit Hire Co.

The Vintage Suit Hire Co.

“More than your average wedding suit.” VSHC’s website breathes nostalgia and character—perfectly matching the aesthetic of their products.

3. Cycleworld Dunedin

Cycleworld Dunedin

New Zealand-based Cycleworld rents out bikes through a simple, easy-to-navigate website with clear instructions for booking online.

4. Emerson James Rental

Emerson James Rental

High-quality product photography with minimal design makes Emerson James Rentals’ website elegant and beautiful.

5. Labola


Labola displays a beautiful header image to set the tone for their wedding and décor hire business. Furthermore, advanced categorization helps visitors compile requests within minutes.

6. Chicago Camera Rentals

Chicago Camera Rentals

Chicago Camera Rentals uses equipment as the main focal point. The homepage allows for quick navigation between each category, along with a clear add-to-cart experience.

7. Girona Cycle Center

Girona Cycle Center

Last but not least, Girona Cycle Center offers advanced filters, detailed descriptions, and a related products section for a typical e-commerce feel.

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