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Introducing: Booqable's New Pricing
BLOG / Feature | 2 min read
Jeffrey van der Veer
Marketer & Customer Success

Introducing: Booqable's New Pricing

For the first time since our launch, we’re introducing new pricing that better aligns with rental businesses’ needs and team sizes.

Initially, Booqable offered a pay-per-user structure, which made sense and, frankly, worked well for a long time. But over the years, customers started reaching out to us to check whether they really had to pay an additional $25.00 to add another user to their Booqable accounts.

The new pricing also makes room for exciting new functionality coming your way, so keep an eye on your inbox to learn more about these developments in the weeks and months ahead.

Essential, Pro, and Premium

With the feedback we received, we started thinking about aligning our pricing with our customers their business stage and team sizes. Today, we’re excited to introduce three new pricing plans that are more in line with the value customers get from Booqable:

  • Essential: The Essential plan equips you and one team member with the essentials to efficiently run your rental operation, accept online bookings, and communicate with customers. Essential provides the tools you need to streamline processes and grow your business.
  • Pro: The Pro plan offers powerful features for growing rental companies, including barcode scanning, reports, and exports. Pro further streamlines your rental operation and allows up to 5 team members to work simultaneously.
  • Premium: The Premium plan is perfect for large organizations and rental management at scale. You can add up to 15 team members and have access to several security features and a customer success manager.

View our pricing page to find out more about the new pricing plans.

What does this mean for my Booqable subscription?

The changes don’t affect current Booqable subscriptions. If you’re already a customer, and the new plans don’t save you money, nothing changes.

How do I switch to a new plan?

If one of the new plans better fits your business, making the switch is quick and easy. When you sign in to your Booqable account and head over to your account settings, you can view and change your subscription at any time.

More questions?

Our support team is happy to answer any of your questions about our pricing. Start a chat or contact us at

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