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What we shipped: freedom and flexibility in your online rental store
BLOG / Feature | 2 min read
Jeffrey van der Veer
Marketer & Customer Success

What we shipped: freedom and flexibility in your online rental store

At Booqable, we know how challenging online bookings can be. You want to give visitors the opportunity to choose a rental period, but you don’t want to give away control of your schedule.

That’s why we are continuously updating our rental software in ways that help you to grow your business and offer customers a quick and efficient online experience.

In the past week, we’ve shipped a new feature to help you get a grip on the timeframes customers can choose, so you don’t end up canceling reservations that aren’t aligned with your method of operation.

Give customers the liberty to select a period freely

Allow customers to choose their preferred pickup and return date within your business hours. You can eliminate time selection if you need days only.

Customers can freely select a rental period

This setting gives customers the most freedom in your online store.

Let customers choose from predefined durations

When you use fixed periods in your daily operations, chances are you want your online store to reflect the same. With the new update, you can set up fixed durations for people to select in a drop down.

Customers can choose from predefined rental durations

No rental company works alike, so we’ve built this feature to support any duration you want, no matter if you need one-hour or one-week periods.

Set fixed time slots for online bookings

Lastly, Booqable now supports fixed time slots too. You can specify slots like 09:00-11:00, 12:00-14:00, and 15:00-17:00, and even set up different ones for different days. We know some of you have been requesting this one for a while. 😊

Customers can choose from fixed time slots

Pinning these down is perfect when you want to be in control of all the timespans your customers can select.

To keep up to date with the latest updates and changes, see our full blog here.

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