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Jeffrey van der Veer
Marketer & Customer Success

Barcode support has arrived

We are very excited we released barcode scanning. By using barcode scanners you’ll prevent human errors while handing out or taking back your products.

To help you get started we wrote a quick walthrough on how to use barcodes with Booqable.

Adding barcodes to products

You can add barcodes to a product or stock items by clicking “Add barcode” in the product inventory screen.

Product barcode: The product barcode identifies a product. It’s used to start/stop products in bulk or plan products in advance of which you don’t know the stock items you’ll be handing out.

Stock item barcode: The stock item barcode is used to identify a stock item. You can use this barcode to plan stock items in advance and if you setup a product to be trackable you need to scan this barcode while starting/stopping products on an order.

Barcode buttons in Booqable

Generating or adding existing barcode

Select the type of barcode you want to add and scan an existing barcode to attach it to a product or stock item. When you haven’t labeled your products with barcodes yet you can leave the field blank to let Booqable create a barcode for you.

Currently we support the following barcode types:

  • ean8
  • ean13

Let us know at if your type of barcode is not supported and we’ll add it as soon as possible.

Booqable barcode generator

Planning products by barcode

Click on the barcode icon next to the search bar to start scanning.

Add products to an order by scanning barcodes

You’ll see the following screen indicating you can start scanning:

Scanning barcodes to add products to an order

You can scan multiple products or stock items. Hit confirm when you’re ready to add them to the order.

Starting and stopping products with barcodes

Hit “Start order” or “Stop order” and click on the barcode icon at the bottom left of the pop-up. The items which are scanned will light up. Once you are ready hit “Start selected items” to start them.

Scanning barcodes to check items in and out

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